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A report from SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Roman Kravchuck in Ukraine.

Dear friends, partners and co-workers, on behalf of my wife Olena and daughters, Anita and Melania, we greet you!

We wish you good health, strength, and wisdom. Thank you for your financial commitment to our family. It is a great support and assistance to us, because I spend most of my life traveling to different parts of the country, doing conferences and meetings — where I have the privilege of preaching the Gospel and helping others grow in the knowledge of the Lord.

The spring season is always filled with activities and various important events. I want to briefly describe certain events, in which I took an active part earlier this year. 

So the overall situation is good. Family, church, and youth ministry are developing — though frankly, it’s extremely difficult to put together these important things, because every sphere needs a lot of time and strength. Pray for my wisdom and the right balance.


In early April, the Lord gave me the opportunity to visit the United States, where I was actively involved in various important events. In particular, the first ever meeting with the Secretary General of the World Baptist Alliance, Elijah Brown, took place. We presented the work of the youth department at the highest level and told about the war situation in the east of Ukraine. This was important because they wanted to help people in the occupied territories.

While in the States, I also held a youth conference for Philadelphia youth. I had the opportunity to share the Gospel and experience of Christian life and ministry. It was a useful and fruitful time for communication and guidance for the younger generation.

In the middle of April, I represented the youth work of the All-Ukrainian Union of ECB Churches. It was the meeting of the Highest Spiritual Council that works on important decisions and plans in Ukraine. The Lord has allowed me to be part of this special ministry team. On this day I had the opportunity to discuss important issues of life and ministry of the youth of Ukraine.

Back in Ukraine, the church where I serve mostly consists of families. This is the priority of our work and ministry. Our family meeting was held in the spring, and I had the opportunity to conduct it. It is a special blessing that people who do not know the Lord also come to such meetings. This is where we get to know each other and tell them about the Biblical values ​​of family life.

Ukraine is filled with good conferences prepared by our youth department — one of which took place in May in which I participated. The Living Movement is the name given to this conference. I had the opportunity to meet with men, where we discussed the important things of ministry and evangelism through our workplace.

Every spring in Ukraine, the Family Festivals are held to preach the Biblical values ​​to the general public. In the middle of May, this event took place in my city of ministry. Our church has been actively involved in this celebration. I had the opportunity to lead the program and coordinate key performances on stage. In general, it was a tremendous blessing for the city and our local church.

A few days later, together with the Counselor of the city Mayor, we held a meeting with different denominations about the preparation of Volyn’s second prayer breakfast. Having good relationships with the local authorities, the Lord gives me the opportunity to influence spiritual events in the city. One is the prayer breakfasts. This is a place that unites different denominations, promotes the Gospel and unity of the city’s Christians. My responsibility for this event will be to run the program. It is an incredible blessing and an opportunity to tell and spread the Gospel.

I spoke in the previous letter about the good news that happened in our family — the birth of our second daughter Melania. In general, the wife and children are healthy and happy that we can serve the Lord together. We have joy in serving the Lord and see His work in our lives. Along with this, we have many financial challenges as costs increase and support decreases. It is difficult for us, but we hope the Lord takes care of it. Therefore, if it is possible for you to revise our support and increase it, we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you and your families for your ministry. We appreciate what you do for us. May God bless you!

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