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Orphans Reborn team member Lena T. reports from Komsomolsk, Russia 

I am thankful to God for every lesson that we are able to hold at the orphanage. This year, we went through the course, “The Life of Jesus Christ.” The children who are participating in my group are 9 to 10 years of age. 

It is hard to describe just how unhappy these children are, though you might imagine. They experience some type of pressure or limitations every day while living in the children’s home. Although there are many fine instructors and caregivers in the orphanages who are sincerely interested in the children’s lives, the pressure the young ones experience from the older orphans and teenagers tears them apart. It tears apart their character and makes them mean-spirited.  

Even so, the children all have dreams of family life. However, for the majority this will never happen. Praise God that the Gospel is reaching them! Christ alone is able to heal them and to give meaning to their lives, along with His love and His salvation. Every Sunday we take them to the worship service at church. Those who are not yet 11 years old attend Sunday school.  

Several of the children call me “Mama.” Sometimes I take my five-year-old son Mark along with me to the lessons. He is shocked that I am a “Mom” to some of them. I think that the children see and hear not only the things I tell them, but they also observe how I tell them and they see God’s love modeled in front of them. During summer camp season, I hope that I will have more opportunities to show them my love and care.

Please keep praying for the children, and for our Orphans Reborn team as we share Christ’s love and His Gospel.  

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