SGA Supporters Help A Summer Camp Reach Double the Expected Children

Piotr Makushenko
SGA-Sponsored Missionary Pastor

160 people participated in the summer camp on the bank of the Seversky-Donets River.
160 people participated in the summer camp on the bank of the Seversky-Donets River.

The Lord blessed us this summer with a youth camp. We had been concerned whether we would be able to have an agreement with the resort center because of the pandemic, but it worked out with your help. 

The Lord kept us and blessed us! The camp was in a quiet, picturesque place by the Seversky-Donets River, protected by trees from the hot sun. We had planned on 80 people participating, but the youth begged us to stay in the tents instead. We agreed, and ended up with 160 people in the camp, including both youth and families! 

We realized that we would have issues providing meals for everyone, but it was a true blessing. We brought two large cooking pots and wood. The cooks prepared meals three times a day for three days. Each day was filled with activities. We had fellowship, training, and rest. We didn’t have enough tents for all the visitors, so we asked the regional churches to help us provide the extra tents needed. 

In addition to the young people and their families hearing the Gospel and the warm fellowship, the Lord gave us an additional blessing. After the camp session had ended and almost everyone had left, four officials showed up to investigate and find out why people were there and why they swam. We told them we had violated nothing and that it was a rest for families. There were some strange people swimming there, but they were not connected with us. Again, the Lord helped us. Despite so many people being there, no one got sick or injured during the camp. It was a special blessing for the young people amid all of the limits of public activities. People were encouraged to worship the Lord with joy.

We thank God for you, for your support, and for your prayers that helped us with this outreach and bringing glory to Christ. Pray for the Gospel seeds that were planted to take root and grow!

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