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Editor’s Note: The testimony and images below were provided from Russia.
The Things You Want To Tell Me About God And Salvation Are What I Really Need

“The things you want to tell me about God and salvation are what I really need.” In the story below you will read about a God-ordained meeting between a man with a bag of beer and a pastor with the lifesaving truth of the Gospel. Thankfully, the bag of beer became a forgotten need when Andrew suddenly remembered his need for Christ. Please pray for Andrew as he is thankful that Pastor Vycheslav ministered to him the way back. Pray for true conviction and that his heart will remain faithful to God and give up the temptations of this world.  

“Dear friends,

Here is one of the stories of outreach in the Samara region:

Recently, we came to one of the villages for an outreach. We met a man by a shop with a huge plastic bag full of things. We invited him for a talk about salvation in Christ. Suddenly, we saw amazement on his face. The bag fell out of his hands, and to our great surprise, there were three bottles of beer, three liters each. Instinctively, I wanted to help the man with the bottles. He stopped me, saying that it was not important. He said: “The things you want to tell me about God and salvation are what I really need.” It so happened that eight years ago, Andrew (the name of the man) experienced a close meeting with God. Although he soon lost his way again and did not know to get back. He thanked us for a talk about the salvation of the soul, and for the copy of the New Testament we gave him. He promised to read the book and come to the worship service that is 250k (155 miles) from him. He agreed to take a picture.

Gennady and I said goodbye to Andrew, and thanked God for this planned meeting. We asked God to give salvation to Andrew. Praise God for doing this outreach through us. We rejoiced to be His living witnesses, who carry in clay vessels the greatest treasure that exists. It is Christ! All glory belongs to Him!

I ask you, dear Brothers and Sisters, to continue to pray for the Gospel cause in the Samara region. There are still many places for visits with outreach and we will do it with your prayers!”

From a report from Pastor Vycheslav
Samara Region, Russia
Missionary Pastor Ministry

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