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Editor’s Note: The images and testimonies below were provided by an SGA-supported church in Ukraine.

Here are five more testimonies of IDPs (internally displaced persons) in Ukraine who have been cared for and ministered to by an SGA-supported church. The humanitarian aid distributed at this church has been delivered from Poland, and these food packages and other relief supplies have drawn hurting people to worship services and Bible studies.

Too many Ukrainians are suffering greatly after being forced to flee their homes in  search of safety in the ongoing war. But what a privilege it has been for believers to warmly welcome these hurting souls in their communities — and witness tremendous growth in the Lord!

Praise God with us as you read these stories, and take a moment to pray for each one as you see how He is working in their lives.


My elderly parents, my son and I moved here from Kharkiv. Because of the war, we have been living [here] since March. For a month and a half we lived in the high school gym, and now we live in a dormitory. Last spring, Vyacheslav, the pastor, invited the IDPs in our dormitory to come to his church and receive humanitarian aid. Since that day, I have been attending [the church] every Sunday. I found spiritual support in this church. All church members are respectful and supportive of our grief. I like Vyacheslav’s sermons, they are so insightful, interesting, and encouraging. Pastor also takes great care to provide us with support through food, warm clothes, and shoes.

A lot of people attend [the church]. We listen to the Word of God, sing Christian songs, and pray. This is a great support for us, for people who are in a difficult situation because of the war. I am very glad to have met Pastor Vyacheslav, and I receive a lot of support from the church. I thank God for everything. I have faith and hope that God helps me and my family. Pray that my elderly parents, who are constantly ill, will recover soon. For my son, a full-time university student, so that he could study and get a university degree. To my brother, who is now in the Armed Forces. My niece, who is in Germany with her mother because they fled this hell and are hiding there. God helps me in my work with preschool children who need care and education.


I moved [here] with my mom, who is 95 and with my pregnant daughter, who is 32. Once I was invited to the church and stayed there. Since then, every Monday and Thursday I attend Christian Bible reading and twice a week I come to worship. I have found comfort and moral support in the church. And also food support anytime we need it. I have also joined and help out at the church, cleaning the hall, helping to distribute food packages to other IDPs, to all those who are in need. The sermons in the church are inspiring and encourage me in my faith. Communication with sisters in church brings peace, faith that God will not leave us. I read the Bible, often I have questions in the process of reading, and the pastor helps and explains everything and reveals the truth to me. 

Since then the Word of God is my guide. I pray when I am doing well or when I am very anxious, I also pray. I pray that God will hear my prayers and help me, because soon my daughter is going to have a baby. I am worried about the labor and ask God to help me! And I believe He will help!


I moved [here] from Kharkiv. I have a big family, some of us used to live in Kharkiv, some in Sievierodonetsk. These are my cousins, my aunts. Now we are all together. We came to [this church] last summer. 

What can I say about God? What is He like for me in my life? For me, God is my strength in life, my protection. I am a doctor by profession and I often travel to Kharkiv to see my patients, and I always pray to God to protect me on the way there and at work, and also that He would protect my family here. 

In [this church], I felt support and care for the spiritual health of a man. After all, we were strangers, but in six months we became very close to each other. The war and the love of God brought us closer. 

In the church, we read and study deep truths from the Bible, Christian poetry, songs, all of these things fill me spiritually. My non-believing aunts look forward to Sunday services to hear the Word of God. We need constant counsel, support, and guidance in our everyday lives. For the sermons from God’s Word, I am sincerely grateful to the pastor and the church. There are 11 of us [here], all of us are of different ages and status: doctors, entrepreneurs, students, retirees, and even a little baby who was born [here] last summer. The support of the church, prayers, and God’s love helped us get through this period of time. I strongly believe that the Lord helps, He is everywhere, even where you don’t expect it. I didn’t expect such good food support from other people, because I was used to count on myself. Through the kindness and compassion of the SGA mission and other sponsors, I see and feel visible love and care for us. God is truly with us! Now I pray every day, raise my children, and will raise my little grandson in the Word of God, in love for Him!


I am a twice IDP, first from Luhansk and now from Sievierodonetsk. I moved [here] with my elderly, sick husband and my son, who is 19 years old. I started attending church last summer. I have been coming every Sunday to hear the Word of God. Now I have started to bring my friend who came from Rubizhne (Luhansk region) to the service. Besides, they also provide us, as IDPs, with food support! 

I am a teacher at a pedagogical university, and my friend is a primary school teacher. The Word of God helps me a lot in my work, it fills me with strength and faith. This Word is also important in family relationships.The interpretation and explanation of the Bible’s truths is very accessible, understandable and unpretentious. I try to always read the Bible, even though I have little free time. I feel God’s care in my life, I have become more calm, confident, and humble. The Word of God is a necessity now! I am very grateful to God and to all the people from America, Poland, sponsors, everyone who helps us, supports us and prays for us! It is so important for us to understand this! 

With gratitude and love!


My mother and I moved [here] from Kramatorsk in April 2022 because of the war. We thank God that people here welcomed us, told us about God, and invited us to church. We thank all the people who have given and continue to give us all kinds of support. The church is the place we needed so much. My mom and I left absolutely everything in Kramatorsk and moved here and found such peace and comfort here. We understand that it is only God! At church we hear the Word of God read, we are understood and cared for here. The pastor is always there and ready to support us in difficult moments. I thank God for bringing us to this particular church! 

I believe and understand that God protects and leads my family this way. I now know that I will thank and praise the Lord no matter where I am! I pray that God will send us peace and that all of us will be able to live in peace.

In a time of great uncertainty, God is bringing help, healing, and hope to the people of Ukraine through SGA-supported pastors, churches, a seminary, and SGA-sponsored Compassion Ministry. Be a part of God’s incredible work with your generosity and prayer support.  

Your gift of compassion helps struggling people with emergency aid that generally includes Scripture materials, food, medicine, warm clothing, and shoes.

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