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Editor’s Note: The testimony and image below were provided by an Orphans Reborn team member in Russia.
Trusting God With An Orphans Life Today

Although this story happened more than 10 years ago, it has left a great impression on the woman writing it.  Kristina was still a young girl when Olga first met her, but by now she is a young adult.  The friendship that they made through writing weekly letters to each other seems to still be fresh in Olga’s heart—fresh enough that she still feels prompted to tell the story of Kristina many years later. 

Sometimes in life we encounter people who cross our path for a short time and then move on. We may not know what happened to them or where they are, but we can trust God with their lives. At the end of Kristina’s story, she is thanking God for being brought to the orphanage because that is where she learned about God. And it didn’t stop there! She shared about her hope for eternal life with her dying mom because she desperately wanted to be with her again someday. How could a story like that not leave a lasting impression. 

Please pray that Kristina is well, and that God might even cross she and Olga’s paths again someday. We continue to thank the Lord for the faithful men and women who lovingly build lasting relationships with children through the SGA-supported Orphans Reborn ministry.  

“I would like to write about one girl Kristina from one of the special orphanages. Kristina must be a young woman already. Maybe she even has her own family. Unfortunately, we are not in contact anymore. We have been working in the orphanage where I met her since the beginning of the 2000s. During all this period, we saw a lot of problems there. And these are not just needs in clothes, beds, furniture, but a lot of problems with the attitude to children and between children. Most of the children there have some developmental problems, and most of them have some problems in behavior. Some have serious problems, and the biggest need is a kind word, a piece of love, or a hug. We try to give these children as much as we can. We have a very warm relationship with some children. And one of these is a very special girl named Kristina. I hope this wonderful girl will touch the hearts of many people, as it touched mine forever.

When this special story happened, Kristina was 13. She had no problems with mental development or behavior. But she was one of six children and some of those children had problems. All siblings were sent to one place. Their mother was alive. The woman was an alcoholic and could not take care of her six children.  Since she still had her parental rights, the children could not be adopted.

We were pen pals for more than a year. One time after a Bible lesson, she came to me and asked if she could write me. We began to write letters to each other every week. All her letters were very sincere, and she was very interested in God. She was so happy that she had a person to write to. I want to share some lines from her letter . . .

Thank you for your letter, for your postcard and warm, kind words. I am so glad to receive your letters. Thank you for just being. All members of your team are such kind, good people. I love you very much. You bring us joy and faith when you come to such children as us. I love you so much and want to tell you my story.

When I was six, I was at home. My mum and dad drank a lot, but I loved them so much. I always tried to help at home, because mother could not do it. When I began to go to school at the age of eight, my teacher began to tell me about the orphanage, I did not know what it was, but she told me only good. So, when people from the department came to our house and invited me to go to the orphanage, I agreed at once. I did not know that it was forever. I was in several orphanages. But this one was the first, where I heard about God. And I began to believe in Him, thanks to you. If you had not come, I would never know, that I have a Daddy in the heaven. I want to have a daddy so much. I always wait for you so much. You are the kindest people. And I think you can help me in my problem.

I do not know what to do. My mum is very ill. She drank too much and now she is dying. She is at the hospital, and the doctors said, that she would not live long. But I want her to live so much. I love her. Despite the fact that she does not come to me and does not give me presents. But I love her. My elder sister told me about her, that she was in the hospital. I believe that she will live, and I will pray for her. Will you pray with me? I am so glad that you love me. I love you, too. I want to tell my mum that I love her, but she never came. I am happy, that I can say you, that I love you. I wish you health very much!

  • Kristina

 Her mom got seriously sick because of alcohol. She was dying and the children were taken to the hospital to see their mom for the last time. They went to say goodbye to their mom, that drunk, sick woman, who never showed love to this nice girl. But Kristina came not to say goodbye. She came to tell her mom about God. “I did not spend life with her, but I want to spend eternity with her.” 
And the last minutes with her mother she spent telling her about God. “Mom, you are dying. And I will never see you again, because I believe in God and love Him, I will be in the Heaven after my death, but you will not be there. I want to spend eternity with you. If you want it as well, you should sincerely ask God to forgive you and to take you into His Kingdom.” The woman began to cry, to pray. She asked God to forgive her. She asked Kristina and other children to forgive her. Soon she died. Soon after the death of her mom Kristina was adopted by a Christian family.”

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