Millions Facing
Urgent Needs in UKRAINE
Pain and suffering, violence and bloodshed, heartbreak, and hopelessness are part of every headline today.

But for the family of faith, we see the other side of the story — the story of God’s people sharing hope, passing on the Gospel, passing on the love of God in Christ Jesus.
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News from the Front Lines

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Bible College Students Minister to Ukrainians in Need »

SGA-supported Pastor Oleg, who also teaches at an SGA-supported Bible college, recently shared how his students are not just studying in classes . . . but going out and preaching the Gospel as they

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Shining the Light That Points Others to Jesus »

How are SGA-supported Pastor Dima and his congregation shining the light of the Gospel to Ukrainian refugees in great need? As they had out Scripture materials, bags of food, medicine, and bread,

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Wartime in Ukraine: A Good Time to Plant New Churches »

On the day before SGA-supported Pastor Ruslan’s most recent report was received, the city where he serves in Ukraine was hit by several missiles. And yet, as you will read, the Gospel is going

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Missionary Pastor Needs Prayer for his Family »

We ask that you continue praying for our dear brothers and sisters in Ukraine as the attacks continue. Below is a phone conversation between Ruslan, our RMC Director, and missionary pastor, Sergei.

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Helping Ukrainian Refugees Find Healing through Christ from the Trauma of War »

This following testimony from a Ukrainian refugee family is difficult to read. But in the midst of the war propaganda and confusion in the news, here is a real account. It is brutal. No child

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“These are people who have a big heart. I thank God for them.” »

Many Ukrainian refugees have found hope and shelter at SGA-supported churches in Poland. Svetlana, a dear mother of two girls, 14 and 10, recently shared their story with one of the pastors in

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Pastors Request Prayer

SGA-supported missionary pastor from the Chernigov region asks us to pray for God’s protection. He has no opportunity to flee to a safer place.

SGA-supported church planter in Odessa asks prayer for wisdom as he directs people to move to the rural Odessa region away from the city. People are in panic as stores are being emptied and gas stations ran out of gasoline.

SGA-supported pastor from the Sumy region asks us to pray for peace as people are told to prepare for the worst. They were warned that water and electricity might be cut off. Most believers are staying in the city.

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