Editor’s Note: The images below were provided by an SGA-supported local church in Ukraine.

Pastor Vasily is an SGA-supported missionary in Ukraine who has answered the call to stand fast in the Ukraine war. He has had to make some difficult decisions, as many have, yet he holds fast and holds forth his hope in Jesus. In a recent report, Vasily writes:

“After the beginning of the war, our lives changed . . . my wife and I decided to evacuate our children abroad to our relatives. And we stayed here, because my wife has a very responsible job in the hospital, and I continue my ministry as a pastor in my church and a senior pastor in the region.

We continue all the services and ministries in the church . . . We also help with food, medicines, hygiene products, basic necessities, clothes, transport. A team is organized in the region, which regularly travels to bring humanitarian aid.”

Thank you for lifting up Vasily and many other SGA-supported pastors like him in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Their outreach to hurting Ukrainians is your outreach, and we thank God for your partnership in extending His compassion and hope!

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