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Editor’s Note: The images below were provided by an SGA-supported church in Ukraine.

Recently, we received one of the most touching reports we’ve ever had the privilege to share. The story and photo are so simple. But the heart for Christ that is evident in this story is enough to move anyone to tears! 

Thank you for generously sharing what you can with SGA-sponsored churches in Ukraine. When those overseas choose, just like the poor widow in Mark Chapter 12 who “out of her poverty, put in everything” (12:44), to give to Christ all that they have for the sake of the Gospel, something powerful happens. Lives are transformed. The Gospel touches the hardest of hearts. 

Read the report below and know what an amazing impact your giving makes every day for our suffering brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Thank you for your compassionate support! 

Hello my friends! 

A true shepherd is willing to lay down his life for his sheep. Along with risks of death in the face of danger, there is laying down time, resources, and comforts. Today, our dear friend, Peter, received his generator. He too wants each of the villages he ministers in to experience Heat and Hope. So, rather than securing the warmth of his own home or only one church, Peter loaded his generator on a trailer. As he serves in four villages, he will now travel with his generator to each location, taking the promise of the Gospel and an opportunity for heat. Peter truly walks in the footsteps of the Good Shepherd.  

In a time of great uncertainty, God is bringing help, healing, and hope to the people of Ukraine through SGA-supported pastors, churches, a seminary, and SGA-sponsored Compassion Ministry. Be a part of God’s incredible work with your generosity and prayer support.  

Your gift of compassion helps struggling people with emergency aid that generally includes Scripture materials, food, medicine, warm clothing, and shoes.

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