Bob Provost
SGA President

Today I received a message from Pastor Valery Antonyuk, president of the Ukrainian Baptist Union. He reports that fighting has broken out again in the separatist eastern regions of the country, and that the churches are doing all they can to help affected families and individuals. In addition, the churches are planning special days of prayer on April 2 and 3, asking the Lord to bring an end to the war and for peace to return to Ukraine. Here is an excerpt from his message . . .

The fighting in eastern Ukraine has raged for many years, and so many families’ lives have been shattered. Pray for our missionary pastors as they distribute aid and share the Gospel with their heartbroken people.

On April 2-3, we will hold an all-Ukrainian prayer for peace and the end of the war. Recently I had a meeting with a brother who coordinates security issues in Ukraine. He talked about the real threat of a large-scale war, and asked that churches especially pray now. The recent explosions at a weapons arsenal in Balakleya near Kharkov also brought concerns. I spoke with a pastor from this city. Praise God, the two churches that we have in this city have not suffered much. They ask us to pray that the normal life in the city would recover after the explosions and fires.

We continue to carry out humanitarian projects in many churches across Ukraine. Unfortunately, the war does not stop. In recent weeks, the situation has become more complicated again. Our missionary pastors are constantly serving and taking the Gospel to what we call the “grey zone.” God gives them strength to serve those affected, and the people to whom we minister ask the pastors not to leave them. In Ukraine, God gives us freedom to preach God’s Word, and we are grateful to Him for that. We need to use this opportunity while the door is open!

Pastor Antonyuk also asked for continued prayers for all the churches and their ministries. They are planting 50 new churches in large cities of Ukraine, and working with the teams that began this ministry. They are increasing ministry to young people to get them involved in the work of the Gospel. In addition, please remember the pastors and church members who had to leave eastern Ukraine due to the danger. Many have entered ministry in other regions, but they need support. SGA’s Crisis Evangelism Fund was established to help the churches and their ministries in the midst of this national tragedy. Ukraine seems to get little news coverage these days, and the fund has been significantly depleted. Please pray about how you can help. Thank you in advance!

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