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Children’s camp in the war zone in eastern Ukraine.

Yevgeny Taran SGA-Sponsored Missionary Pastor in Kherson, Ukraine

I send you warm greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

In July, we had the opportunity to go into the war zone in eastern Ukraine and hold a camp for local children. These children have been through heavy shelling, living in basements for shelter, and facing hunger. Relatives of some of the children have been either killed or injured. Every family we met has suffered the consequences of the terrible war. It was hard for us to listen to some of the stories the children and their parents told us. Yet we are happy and thankful that we were able to serve these children while we could. For five days, we played various games, made crafts, had Bible lessons, and treats. In total, we reached about 70-80 children. Please pray that many will trust in Christ as their Savior!

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Women’s meeting at a local cafe.

In addition to children’s ministry, my wife Lyuda is engaged in women’s ministry. She holds meetings in a local café, and the ladies share their stories and make crafts. There are 60 women who attend, and of that number, only 20 are believers. While the women are meeting, I hold a meeting with brothers in another café, where we discuss the development of men’s ministry in our region. Please pray for much fruit to result!

The Lord has blessed us in building a new House of Prayer. We had 13 brothers perform the work beginning in March when the walls were put up in four days. Then in the summer, they put on the roof, windows and doors in 10 days. In two weeks, they had built us a House of Prayer and donated their time and labor!

I thank you very much for the opportunities you help give me to serve, and to help others while preaching the Gospel. We love you!

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