Editor’s Note: The images and report below were provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Ukraine.

What a blessing to see that churches in Ukraine are not giving up! Our brothers and sisters in Christ continue to serve their neighbors and build up one another in the faith. Be encouraged by this recent report from SGA-supported Pastor Victor . . .

I greet you with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I would like to tell you a little about the life of [our] church. Until February 24, we rejoiced and thanked the Lord that winter was ending, we planned our future life, but the war came to Ukraine. Life and ministry changed. Sirens, explosions, curfews, roadblocks, panic, lack of gasoline and food. All this caused many members of the church to leave for a safe place elsewhere- some in Ukraine, some in Poland. Four brothers conscripted to war. The hope and joy of our church for the future, deacon Roma and Alina left for Poland. The youth left, but the elderly parents remained, and this is a new ministry for the church, caring for such people.

As a church, we joined in the ministry to sew pillows for checkpoints. Every day we came and talked, worked a lot and spent time together.

We bought groceries and deliver to people in need. There were no bus connections with many villages, and we brought both bread and medicine. We take people to the hospital.

Many people have lost their jobs, and we are trying to help with money.

More than half of [one Ukrainian region] is occupied. [Other regions] where we serve, are not occupied, but people are in anxiety, and many relatives are in the occupied territories. We constantly communicate on the church page. We thank the Lord even for these trials.

When there is no curfew and there is an opportunity, we gather in church for services. When the sirens wail, we sit in basements or bomb shelters, where anyone has the opportunity.

We pray and thank the Lord and you for all that we have spiritual and material help. I always thank the church that in such conditions we can continue to preach the Gospel and continue the ministry, as well as support each other.

I thank the mission for all who care about us. We will continue to serve and believe that we will survive this.

Greetings to all with love and prayer!

Pastor Victor

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