Many displaced people in Ukraine have lost everything in the war. But their hearts are still full of gratitude for generous and caring friends like you.

God is taking what you give — your gifts and your prayer support — and opening hurting hearts to the hope of the Gospel. Through your generosity, He is providing generators to churches in our network and enabling these congregations to distribute thermal blankets, coal, wood, and food to Ukrainians in great need.

You are an integral part of God’s continuing life-changing work in Ukraine, and the people want you to know how grateful they are. Watch their messages of thanks now . . .

The harsh winter months are quickly approaching in Ukraine! Now that 40 percent of Ukraine’s power stations have been destroyed by enemy attacks, more than one million households are experiencing electricity cuts and rolling blackouts. Internally displaced families, children, and elderly are wondering how they will keep themselves warm . . . or if they will freeze to death.

Congregations are turning their buildings into houses of refuge, so they can care for the people who need emergency supplies, shelter, and warmth. These faithful servants will also help hurting people experience God’s peace and power even in a difficult time of war.

Your immediate support is greatly needed to rush funds to our local church network in Ukraine to provide heat and hope.

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