Children at the camp.
Jan 31, 2024

Official obstructing the Gospel is replaced

By Misha
SGA-Supported Orphans Reborn Team in central Siberia, Russia

Children at the camp.
Children at the camp.

It is the fourth year that we have held one of our camp ministries some 300 miles away from central Siberia, and with every year it becomes more expensive and much harder. But God opens doors that no one can shut (Revelation 3:7). 

Four years ago, I received a phone call from my friend, who shared that there was an orphanage in that location, and after the call I decided to go and visit that place. It seemed that this would be a great opportunity for ministry, because we had a very warm welcome. We also were able to develop a very good relationship with the teachers. I thought that with the help of churches in nearby towns, we would be able to organise weekly lessons with those children. But in spite of all the benefits, the director of that orphanage only allowed the children to attend our summer camp, and it was with great difficulty that we even held a Christmas outreach.

The children fell in love with us, and each summer and winter they look forward to our visit. They call us a lot and even one of them became my foster child! But as the years went by, nothing changed, and I even thought of letting it go, because we were not able to have regular lessons for the children. But this year started with a miracle!

The director was replaced and now children are allowed to be with us at the camp all day long! The children were overjoyed that they were able to hear the evening Bible lessons and to stay in fellowship with us. It might sound like a little thing for many of us, but this was a real miracle for our team. The children from the nearby village were really grateful, and they told us that they were eagerly awaiting us for the whole year. 

Oleg helps to set up the camp site.
Oleg helps to set up the camp site.

We met one boy whose name is Oleg—he is 16. Oleg called me two months prior to the camp and asked about the cost of the camp. I told him that the camp would be free for him. But he replied to me, “Misha, I do not want to go there for free, I have a job in the village, and I want to pay for my stay at the camp!” In addition, Oleg actually came to the camp site a day prior to the beginning in order to help us to set the camp site, and he did it without being asked. Oleg writes poems and many of them are about the Lord. 

I hope that our weekly lessons will finally become a reality in that place as well. But even if that would not happen, they are within our reach and we will not leave them alone. In such a way, a single meeting over many miles can bring about changes. As an aside, it was this place where three years ago I had my accident when I was driving there with a Christmas play and gifts, and that was during the COVID quarantine. But nothing was able to stop us: not a broken car in the midst of the forest, nor bitter cold—it was -40 degrees below zero—not even the quarantine. Thank you, beloved friends, that you always support us! 

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