By Mikhail Vladimirov

SGA-Sponsored Orphans Reborn Team in Krasnoyarsk, Russia

My car was dead. It was -40 degrees. And God was about to perform a life-giving miracle for a Russian orphan.

I had no choice but to walk home in the freezing Krasnoyarsk weather, and came to an underground road crossing. There I saw a homeless person begging for spare change. I had no money and was in a hurry, so just walked past him. But as I kept walking, I felt a special conviction from God: “Return and help that person!”

The man was sitting on the concrete with his face covered. He had a few dogs around him keeping him warm. I crouched near to him and asked, “Are you not cold? Why are you sitting here?” When he looked up at me, I saw that he was actually a young man!

He looked at me with some mistrust and indifference, and gave me a very brief answer. “Everything is fine, I am not at all cold. I have been here for the last six months. I feed the dogs.” I told him that God had urged me to help him, and I asked him what needs he had. The youth replied that he needed clothes, food, a bath, and some hygiene items. At the moment, he was actually living in a basement of a building with some other homeless people.

This was how I met Alexander. Within the next two days, I collected all that the young man needed, and together with another brother we went to meet our friend in the underground crossing. When he saw us, he understood that we were not like others who walked on by, and he told us his story.

It turned out that he had graduated from an orphanage in Esaulovo, and that he knew our former Orphans Reborn leader Oleg Smal. Alexander had attended Bible lessons, but he did not yet want to live according to God’s Word. When he learned that I was from the church, his eyes sparkled. He had very good memories of the brothers and sisters who led the Bible lessons at the orphanage.

After Alexander left the orphanage and entered college in Krasnoyarsk, he fell into the net of sin—wild living, alcohol, bad friends, and even crimes. Eventually he was expelled from college and ended up in prison for a few months. He had nowhere to go, and that was how he ended up in the streets. He didn’t come to the church because he had borrowed money from Oleg and was ashamed. I told Alexander, “Oleg forgave you 2,000 rubles, and God forgave you even more—just receive His forgiveness!”

For three weeks, Alexander attended Sunday services and meetings for graduate orphans, and more than that, he brought along a friend from the basement whose name was Gennady. Now, he is currently in a Christian rehabilitation center for people with addictions. I believe that with God’s help, he will complete the course and find the freedom that the Lord gives to those who ask Him! When he completes rehab, we will help him with all of his documents, to find work, and a home for him as he has lost everything. His friend Gennady continues to attend the church.
The miracles do not cease, and this is a real miracle! We can feed them, give them warmth, teach them, but a changed hearts is a work of the Lord, which only He can do!

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