Editor’s Note: The report and image below were provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Ukraine.

We recently heard from SGA-supported Pastor Viktor who shared how God is working in the hearts of internally displaced persons (IDPs) like Valentina’s. Through the support of friends like you, her physical and spiritual needs are being cared for by the body of Christ . . .

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Their family survived the bombing and was able to escape from the area of hostilities. When they came to our church, Valentina and her family cautiously accepted the care with which we surrounded their family. She said that only the cheese in the mousetrap could be free. Some time passed. She has attended the services at the church. Daily prayers and the Word of God have done their job.

When the Lord called, Valentina repented and accepted Him into her heart. Having worked as a director of a Center of Culture for many years, she organized events aimed at entertainment and never thought about the souls of people who needed not just pleasure, but peace and soul salvation. We thank you that with your help we can serve people and show Christ to them!

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