Egor Mikhalev and Dmitri Tatarenko report from Yakutsk

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Sharing the Gospel with children and young people.

In November, our team of young people visited the mountain village of Myttah Berdigestyah in Yakutia. This is a small community consisting mainly of elderly people and their grandchildren. Pastor Nikolai Alexeyev has seen many years go by. Nikolai usually performs social services in November, such as preparing drinking water for the winter by cutting out ice cubes from a frozen lake. A portion of these ice cubes he takes himself, and then he distributes the rest to the believing and unbelievers. When he hands out the ice for drinking water to the unbelieving families, he shares the Gospel with them.  

While we were with Nikolai over two days, we had talks with children and young people. Some of them were non-believers, and we were able to witness to them about faith in the living God and His Son Jesus Christ. We invited some of the young men to the youth conference in Yakutsk, and we trust that we will have the opportunity to show them the love of the Lord Jesus in action. We also held a Sunday worship service in the community, then visited a small group of believers in the village of Berdigestyah Hill Tracts. There are eight sisters who meet together but they have no pastor or believing brothers, so they are always in need of spiritual support from other churches.  


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Helping local residents cutting firewood.

In December, our youth team visited two villages in the Aldan region of Yakutia along with Pastor Said Protopopov. We split into two groups, with one staying to help cut firewood for the villagers to last into spring. The second group left for evangelism, sharing Christ in a local bakery, as well as with some people on the streets of the village. Afterward, we went to the village of Lower Kuranah, where we met with the youth of the three churches of the Aldan district. Unbelievers and young children have been invited to these meetings. There was one unbelieving girl named Angelina present, and we shared the Gospel with her. We pray that the Lord will open her heart with His love and His Word.

I am so happy we went with Pastor Said. He is fluent in the Yakut language, and he is able to communicate biblical truths to the people, and this is very important to us! Thank you for helping to make these possible, and pray with us that we will have even more opportunities to support the brothers and sisters, as well as the opportunity to share the Gospel with unbelievers.

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