Virus Continues to Ravage Russia, But God Keeps Opening Doors

Gospel Doors Opened Through Compassion

In Russia’s Amur region, a faithful SGA-sponsored missionary pastor named Artem has been distributing food parcels and sharing the Gospel as part of the Christ Over COVID outreach. He recently wrote to share with us how your prayers and gifts are helping to open doors to share Christ’s love with many families . . . 

“During this challenging time, such ministry helps open the doors of many houses to preach the Gospel to their inhabitants. During our participation in Christ Over COVID, our team has helped more than 10 families who are in a difficult financial situation. There are two families bringing up children whom we met in a local childcare center. 

Milana (right) and Katya (center) participated in the minicamp hosted by Artem's church.
Milana (right) and Katya (center) participated in the minicamp hosted by Artem’s church.

Milana’s mother allowed her to attend Sunday school classes, which we are going to hold in our creative workshop starting this month. The other girl’s name is Katya, who is 14 years old—we met her when she was 12. 

We managed to renew communication with Katya’s mother thanks to the opportunity to distribute food parcels, and she allowed Katya to go to the minicamp that we recently had. It was the first time Katya ever had such close Christian fellowship. She listened to the Gospel, sang songs with us, and played games. She still has a lot of questions, but there is one thing I am certain about—the Lord is working in her heart. 

Katya (right) enjoyed the close Christian fellowship.
Katya (right) enjoyed the close Christian fellowship.

We continue to pray for Katya’s salvation and for the salvation of all her family. Before she left for home, I walked up to her and talked to her. It turned out that Katya has a desire not only to attend the Sunday school classes taking place in the creative workshop, but also to help other children see the Light of Christ. Based on the experience of helping families that found themselves in difficult circumstances, we agreed to continue the ministry. We are very grateful for your help!”

In Russia’s Far East, zeal for reaching out with the Gospel has only increased with the pandemic. A sister in the church named Katerina was on one of the ministry teams and she reported,

We often visit families who have many children. It is such a joy seeing these cute little kids, especially when they look inside food packages and Christian books. They become so vivid and merry, and it’s very good because these kids grow up in poor families, and many of their parents have big problems with alcohol. So, it’s also a great joy to share the Word of God with these families, praying to the Lord for real change in their lives. I strongly believe now that what we are doing here as Christ’s church is His will, He absolutely likes it and guides us in this compassion ministry. I’d like to praise the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and thank all brothers and sisters for helping this ministry happen in the cold land of Yakutia!”

Despite the challenges presented by a global pandemic, our brothers and sisters across Russia and her neighboring countries are faithfully walking through the doors the Lord opens for them to share His love. Please continue to pray for Artem and the many families he is reaching with the Gospel. May many come to Christ in saving faith as they hear of His love!

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