48 Physically Challenged Children Say THANK YOU!
Sep 21, 2018
Summer Camps & Youth Ministry

Pastor Dmitri in Belarus

48 Physically Challenged Children Say THANK YOU!

The children who attend the camp have a variety of physical and mental disabilities.

This past July was a joyful, unforgettable time for our church, and especially for 48 children, their friends, and parents. The children have a variety of physical challenges, and we had the joy of holding Camp Vozrozhdenie (Revival) in western Belarus.

Learning about Jesus

Learning about Jesus was a highlight of the camp for many of the children.

The children who attend our camp have a very difficult time. They often are not accepted by their peers, but here in the camp they find new friends and happily interact with each other. Our society does not accept children with physical or mental challenges, but they feel loved and accepted in the camp. Our theme was “Conqueror of Mountains.”

During the session, we held numerous activities, sports, lessons, and music. We discussed God, the Gospel, and God’s purpose for our lives. The parents were there in the camp with their children, and it was a joy to have them all participating together.

Although the camp session came to an end, our ministry with the children and their families did not. We followed up afterward, visiting their homes and bringing them food parcels, and then inviting them to come to the church. Thanks are to God for this ministry, and I am very thankful to you for your help in purchasing food and the colorful children’s literature. The seeds of God’s Word have been planted and will bring fruit in His time!



Letters from the Campers’ Parents

Letters from the Campers’ ParentsWe were left with a great impression through the camp and had a wonderful time with you all. We will never forget it. You have strengthened our faith and it is very important for us. Thank you for the good stories from the Bible. We look forward to coming to the camp again.
—Roman and Olya

Thank you for inviting me and my mother to the camp. What a joy it is to come to know new friends. We loved to be in the camp together. We are in need of the church and the Lord. I cannot run and know that I am probably like a lost sheep. I want the Lord to heal my brothers and help me. He is the Good Shepherd!

 Every child came into this world to bring joy to parents and friends. Different obstacles make people suffer, and this camp was a great joy for the parents and children. It was a territory of love and joy! We heard of a loving God and the ultimate source of joy in this camp. We want to thank you for this opportunity to find new friends, with love and gratitude!
—Svetlana and Maxim


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