We have been getting some really wonderful reports from churches across Russia that participated in the SGA-sponsored Immanuel’s Child outreach. We pray that it will be a blessing to see what partners like you helped make possible!


Pastor Sergei Tarasov sent the following message and photo from Orel:

We thank you for your prayers and financial help that made our Christmas outreaches to children possible. Thanks to you, we prepared 600 gifts for the churches in this region. A total 15 churches in the Orel region were involved in this year’s program.

At the Transfiguration Church in Orel, we prepared and distributed 180 Christmas gifts. The church, as usual, was filled with children and adults. The hearts of people are especially open to hear the Good News about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ on Christmas Day. In addition, more than 200 children and adults came together in the church at Shablykino (population 2,000), All the people who came to the program enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere of Christmas. The church in Kromy prepared 50 gifts for the children. Many were given to children from unsaved families. We gave out children’s Bible story books, Bibles for teenagers, and other Christian literature to people who wanted to have it.

We received many positive responses after the outreaches were concluded. Thanks to God’s mercy and your help, new people could listen to the Good News about Christ and enjoy good gifts. We thank you for your participation and prayers! Please convey our special greetings to all those who pray for us and support our ministry. May the Gospel continue to spread in Orel! We wish you all the best from the Lord!


Please continue to pray for the children (and their caregivers) who heard the Gospel across Russia and her neighboring countries through Immanuel’s Child. The churches will be conducting follow up ministry over the next weeks and months, and we are praying for a fruitful harvest!

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