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Aug 25, 2023
Editor’s Note: The video below was provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Ukraine.

Thanks to a church in Latvia, a church in Ukraine’s Kherson region now has much-needed bunk beds! SGA team members help transport them in an SGA-supported shipment of water, food and other relief aid to this congregation.

The beds will provide a place to rest for families in need in this community. See more in the video below shared with us by Vlad, an SGA-supported missionary pastor . . .


We are in the premises of the Church of Christ the Savior in Kherson. Last week they assembled and installed the beds.

Yura, tell us a few words, how do you like these bunk beds?

The beds are wonderful, they arrived in a very timely manner. Just now the brothers from Rivne lived here for four days, and they also liked it here very much, and we too, as we have now a place to accommodate people.

Did they work here, did they clear the rubble?

Yes, they were removing the wreckage  and clearing out houses that suffered in the flood.

Today, we will have a few more to stay overnight before they will head further on to other areas. Now we have the opportunity to accommodate more volunteers who will come to help, and in the future, we will accept mothers with children who will be able to stop over and stay for a while before they hit the road.

Praise God! These beds are very secure. Praise God!

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