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Jul 27, 2023
Central Asia
Editor’s Note: The image below was provided an SGA-supported pastor in Central Asia.
A Prayer Request For The Persecuted

We have received another request for prayer from Central Asia. Please note the name is changed and the faces in the image are blurred for protection. Pastor Ikrom, who is baptizing “John”, risks arrests any time he preaches.

Please pray for our brother John*, who lost his job because he is a follower of Christ.

He converted to Christ two years ago. He was born into a Muslim family, but when he was 15 his parents converted to Christ and then his older brother and sister. Sometime later he also came to Christ. He was then drafted into the army where he served for two years. After the army, he was baptized and married a girl from the church. They recently had a baby.

He got a job in a bank as a security guard. When his boss found out he was a Christian, he often humiliated him and slandered him. Recently he summond him  and fired him. When he asked why you were firing me, he replied, “I don’t like you.” He was forced to write a statement and was fired. Now he is looking for a job, but can’t find one because there are no vacancies in the area in the south of the country where he lives and word has spread that he was fired because he is a Christian.

Please pray for John and his family. They now have no means of livelihood.

Pastor Ikrom

*Named change for security purposes.

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