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Editor’s Note: The images below were provided by a SGA-supported prison minister in Russia.

Working in SGA-supported prison ministry—often led by missionary pastors—is deeply meaningful and impactful. These faithful servants visit prisons in search of those who are lost and in need of the Gospel. Whether it be through personal conversations, group studies, distributing Bibles and literature, or staying connected through written communication, these men and women make a daily sacrifice to love as Jesus loves—in action and in declaring the Gospel. 

You will read the testimony of some of the fruit that is being seen within prison ministry in Novosibirsk, Russia. 

Semion’s story is just one example of how difficult the battle is to turn away from the old life and put on anew.  “But as the Lord searches for His lost sheep, so we tried to return Semion to life.”  Please continue to pray for the prison ministry as they continue to go forth into dark places with the light of the Gospel.  

A report from Pastor Alexander in Novosibirsk, Russia: 

“Greetings! Peace and grace to you! 

It is my desire to share with you about the abiding fruit of our joint ministry! By God’s mercy, we can say with confidence that our labor is not in vain before the Lord! I would like to share the testimony of one of the prisoners and photos from the ministry at the prison colonies.  

In 2016 Semion, who is part of the Roma* people group, came to a meeting at a Penal Colony where he was serving his third term; he was seeking the truth because everything in his life was ruined. He attended the group meetings for two years, repented, and upon release from imprisonment in 2018, after some time, he joined our church in Novosibirsk and was baptized.

We all rejoiced!

Semion preached to his fellow Roma and started singing in the choir.  Then, like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, he was put in prison again. His Roma relatives had forced him into a dark situation, and it all ended in that Semion was sentenced to three years at the colony. But as the Lord searches for His lost sheep, so we tried to return Semion to life. And the Lord was glorified. He gave Semion a second chance. Upon arriving at the colony, Semion called us and asked us to come. When the brothers and I came, Semion confessed all of his sins, repented, and declared his firm desire to follow the Lord and restore everything.

During the past three years Semion attended services; he was transferred two more times to other colonies where he remained faithful to God in serving and preaching the Gospel message. We helped him as much as we could. Praise God, at the present time, Semion is going through the process of restoration in church membership.In the colonies, where he had served, a few Roma turned to the Lord thanks to his witness. 

*Editor’s Note: The Roma are commonly called Gypsies across the former Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe, but the Roma consider this a pejorative term.

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