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Editor’s Note: The following report was provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Israel.

Since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas war, SGA-supported Pastor Oleg’s church has not stopped its outreach. This small congregation with only 29 members has made more than 17,000 meals with food aid. What a great privilege we have to assist this body of believers to share the love of Christ in their community!

Read more from Oleg’s short report and please lift up our spiritual brothers and sisters in prayer as the service in Jesus’ name continues . . .

Good morning, everyone.

Today I have a day off and I took up applied mathematics. You know that in our church there is a group, the Ministry of Mercy. It consists of 29 members of our church. Everyone serves as best they can, some financially (only thanks to the donations of our brothers and sisters, we were able literally from the first day to prepare and deliver food to those in need; outside help began to arrive a week later, when work became visible.).

Someone prepared food, someone packed bags, someone did shopping, someone (without knowing us) gave their home to the ministry, someone delivered food.

In general, at the beginning of the war we made more than 17,000 (counted several times) visits. Glory to the Lord for the opportunity to serve Him and people.

Thank God for the brothers who, already on the first day of the war, showed us by personal example how to serve God. When I was at the Dead Sea, in the first week of the war, for me personally it was the best sermon of my life. Preaching not from words, but from deeds. A sermon that we must entrust our lives and safety to God and serve Him. Once again, I thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to serve people in His Name.

The service continues.

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