Pastor Pavel
Orphans Reborn, Grodno Region

Sasha came to Christ through summer camp, which SGA partners helped support.

It is becoming more difficult to visit orphanages in Belarus because of a recent government decision to move toward foster care. As a result, we can lose our access to the orphanages. With that in mind, we pray for ongoing orphan ministry in our church, and encourage our families to take in orphan children. We are so thankful for the results, as several families stepped forward with their desire to do so. Our family wants to take in orphans as well, and we pray for God’s wisdom and provision in building a new home that will accommodate this. 

Our greatest joy is to see the children at our Sunday church service and youth meetings. Along with their peers, they listen to sermons, sing songs, and build relationships. Sasha just turned 18, and he is very happy because this means he can attend the church without any hindrance. He was in our summer camp, and after the camp he kept in touch with a Christian family. The family takes care of horses, so now Sasha wants to enter college to learn animal husbandry and help the family take care of their horses. The college is located in the area where Sasha’s foster family lives. 

We are also thankful for the orphan graduates who continue to gather together for Bible study with our church families. They study the Bible verse by verse, and spend quality time with their foster families. They learn good family lessons and can apply them in their lives, sharing their experiences and hearing helpful counsel.

Please continue to pray and support our Orphans Reborn ministry. Pray also for the church families who want to begin foster care with orphans. And please pray for Alexandra, one of the orphan youth who lost her biological mother, and is grieving.

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