Baptism Service
Jan 31, 2024

Read the stories of four women who recently found faith—and how you played a part

Mark S.
SGA-Supported Missionary Pastor in Southwestern Belarus

Cross on the church building.
Cross on the church building.

Dear friends, I greet you with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ! Peace be with you and in your families! The Lord protects my family and our church, and we thank the Lord for all His mercies. We recently celebrated a joyful day in the life of the church—the baptism of four women who are now your sisters in Christ.

I would like to tell you about each of them. Antonina was the head of the Society for the Disabled in our town. In the evening from the window of her new apartment, she saw a bright red cross on the facade of our building and took it as a sign to go to God. She came to the church without any fear or doubt, and began to attend the services regularly. I talked to her about God, about forgiveness, and about salvation. God drew her to believe and seek Him always, and as she said, “The Lord led me to come to church and now I am in Christ’s church.”

Nadia is a girl from a large family of our church members. She is already helping us in our ministry. She has learned many a good things from her believing parents, and we pray that her faith will be strengthened. 

Nastya comes from a family of unbelievers, but while attending children’s camps, she heard a lot about the Lord. She began to attend church, and her circle of friends also included believing brothers and sisters. At the camp, she repented and dedicated her life to Christ. Her mother was at the baptism—she is an unbeliever, but was touched by her daughter’s decision to be in the church at a time when young girls her age are looking for something else, and are uncertain about God or church. It is a special testimony to her and I believe her daughter to be a good light in her family.

Meanwhile, Lisa was brought up in very strict traditions, but sin was stronger. She did well in school, but looking for freedom from her strict parents, she went to the side of friends who were bad company. Then problems started in her family, with her parents, and with her boyfriends. She was invited to a Christian camp, after which she began to come to church and her life began to change. Now, having traveled the path of difficulties in her life, she is glad that the Lord has shown her the way of faith!

Recently there has been increased control of churches by the state. In previous years, we held baptisms on the canal of our power plant, but this year we bought a swimming pool and installed it on the territory of the House of Prayer. It was unusual and crowded. The Sunday school children and our teen club attended the baptism. 

Friends, thank you for your prayers and support that help us work with women like the four I’ve mentioned. Please continue to pray for the new members of our church, and pray for our young people as many of them are going to other cities and even abroad because of unemployment. I thank the Lord for you. You are in our prayers, and may God bless you!

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