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Jan 30, 2023
Missionary Pastors
Editor’s Note: The testimony below was provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Ukraine.

In SGA-supported Pastor Andrei’s recent ministry report, he shares about a man named Vlad who was drawn toward God after giving someone a ride in his car. As you will see, nothing is coincidence with God, and our lives are perfectly planned in His timing and in His way! 

We are thankful for the many SGA-supported church outreaches and celebrations that continue to keep Christ at the center. Your generosity and prayers are helping to equip these faithful servants in the Lord, and many people are being saved. Read more from Andrei . . . 

“We are thankful for the funds that we received from SGA for the purchase and distribution of grocery packages for Ukrainian residents. We have a growing number of people looking for help every month. We continue our ministry in [various] regions. About 500 grocery packages and lots of bread were distributed. Bible study groups and evangelistic activities were organized on the distribution sites. More than 1,000 people were reached during that period. Thank you for your support and your ministry.  

This guy’s name is Vlad (photo). He was giving a family a ride to our Christmas celebration, and then he decided to listen to the sermon while he was there.After the sermon, there was a call to repentance, Vlad stepped forward and asked God to change his life. This was the time when he got acquainted with us and, hopefully, with God as well. Later, he mentioned that his grandmother prayed for the whole family, and he realized that this encounter was not a coincidence. Praise God! 

We are grateful to you from the bottom of our hearts for your service.  

With all respect,  


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