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The following report was provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Israel
Great Potential For Spiritual Fruit

The following is a brief update from SGA-supported Pastor Boris who provides oversight of a ministry team member named Eduard in a city heavily targeted in the Israel-Hamas war. 

Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, SGA has provided a small amount of support for his ministry—and Lord willing, we plan to provide more. Boris shares that the overall conditions are improving in this community in Israel, but the constant black cloud remains that war and terrorist attacks can escalate at any moment. 

Please pray for these faithful servants of the Lord who continue to provide much needed aid—and the hope of the Gospel—to hurting people.

Dear Friends,

With the donation you sent we were able to help 50 families. Each family received a food package.

Yes, the general situation is improving gradually. There have been less rocket attacks recently, but even one attack a day is enough to keep many shops closed and to make people hide at homes and bomb shelters, afraid to get out. We praise the Lord for all the donations we have received, but the difficulty is that we do not know how long this situation will last and what tomorrow will bring.

We meet every week with Eduard to assess the situation and decide how much we can use and what can and should be done. Meanwhile the need remains, and we are using the funds we have received. But even if one day the people will no longer need to hide in the bomb shelters and the shops start opening, many will remain traumatized and in need of encouragement and financial support, and Eduard can keep in touch with them.

Bringing them a food package gives him an opportunity to share the Gospel, tell about the hope and peace we have in the Lord, answer questions, etc., so it is a good project indeed that builds lasting relationships and has great potential for spiritual fruit. 

Pastor Boris

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