1909 Sga Oct Enews How You Are Helping Preview
Sep 25, 2019
People in Remote Areas

1909 Sga Oct Enews How You Are Helping Article Main

  • More than 100 men across these two locations are being readied for pastoral and evangelistic ministry.
  • SGA partners help support 14 missionary pastors—and we are praying for more by the end of the year!
  • Assisted local churches in conducting evangelistic visits to 20 villages that had never heard the Gospel!
  • Helping churches reach 688 orphans in 17 orphanages, and the doors are open to reach even more.
  • Assist churches in summer camp ministries to many thousands of children.
  • Through Immanuel’s Child, help 68 to reach 5,187 children and 1,787 adults, opening the door to life-long discipleship.
  • Assist churches in 10 locations to reach needy individuals and families to provide food and the Gospel.
  • Assist a church that has open doors to ministry in prisons, and in a home for young mothers to help meet their needs and to encourage them to keep their child.
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