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Jul 07, 2022
Orphans Reborn
Insight from Michael

God is Bigger Than War—and He is Opening Doors

The summer months are historically very busy in terms of ministry for the evangelical churches we serve across the former Soviet Union. This is especially the case for children’s ministries that SGA supports such as summer camps, as well as the year-round Orphans Reborn ministry that is the focus of this month’s newsletter. But unlike last summer, the churches must deal with the impacts of the war in Ukraine, which has destroyed cities and caused the evacuation of thousands of families—and yes, orphan children. Some have been relocated to other former Soviet countries, while others have been evacuated to Poland and other parts of Europe. It is truly a devastating situation. 

We don’t know how much longer the conflict will continue. But since the war broke out in late February, SGA partners have helped sustain a steady flow of aid to the churches for distribution to needy individuals and families impacted by the war. And ministry must go on—in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and the other former Soviet countries. The churches will continue discipling and loving orphan children through Orphans Reborn, summer camp ministry, at Christmas, and throughout the year. It is the faithful prayers and support of SGA partners like you that help make this ongoing outreach possible, sometimes in the face of challenges that can seem overwhelming. But nothing overwhelms our Lord and Savior, and He is working in the midst of this tragedy to bring many to Himself in saving faith. And you are such a vital part of it. 

It is a human reaction when terrible circumstances arise to ask, “Why?” The answers to that question are not always fathomable to us. But as God’s Word demonstrates repeatedly, the Lord works in wondrous ways in all kinds of circumstances to accomplish His purpose. In Genesis 37, when Joseph as a young boy was sold into slavery by his brothers, he could not have foreseen that one day he would be prime minister of Egypt. But God had ordered the events in advance, and placed Joseph to get Egypt—and his own people—through an awful famine. That is only one of many examples. Who knows how God will take today’s tragedy in Ukraine and work through people He has redeemed to accomplish His good purposes in ways we can’t see? 

Please continue to lift SGA’s ministries in prayer, along with our faithful brothers and sisters in the former Soviet Union. May God ever use us for His glory as He builds His church!

For our Savior,

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

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