“Seminary training time is like a spiritual retreat … a workout room for one’s spirit.”

With the hard academic work now behind him, Konstantin Verman looks forward to and expanded ministry since graduating from Irpen Biblical Seminary (IBS) in Ukraine this past spring.

Konstantin credits IBS with increasing his knowledge of God and His Word, as well as preparing him for the many additional practical matters of ministry. Systematic Theology and Study Methods of the Biblical Text were two of his favorite classes, and he is also grateful for skills in inductive preaching, as well as learning Hebrew and Greek.

While studying for his Master of Divinity degree at IBS, Konstantin served as a deacon at Revival Church in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. Konstantin also oversaw the teaching ministry of the church, lead a small group for teen ministry leaders of teen, and coordinated the pre-baptism class and a fellowship for the newly baptized.


As Konstantin moves forward in his next season of Kingdom work, he took a look back at how he came to know Christ and how the Lord brought him to study at IBS. Here’s his testimony. …

I grew up in a family of unbelievers. However, we had relatives who were believers and they invited me to several evangelistic events. At the age of 16, I started to read the New Testament to familiarize myself with religious literature. As I got through the Gospel of Matthew, I built up a multitude of questions for my believing relatives. They eventually gave me my first complete Bible and told me where to find a Baptist church in my district.

As I read through the Old Testament, I was convicted to repent of my sins and receive Christ. After two weeks of torments in my soul — on June, 29, 1997 — I went to that church and turned to God in a prayer of repentance. Then I moved to a different district, so I found another church in the new district. And on July, 11, 1998 I was baptized and became a member of Revival Church.

In 2001 I was appointed as youth leader in the church. At the same time, I was leading in the “CREED” Christian youth club. From 2003 to 2006, I took part-time classes at Zaporozhye Bible Institute, which was a significant help in my spiritual growth. However, with time I realized that it was necessary to continue my theological education.

So after multiple invitations from Dr. Igor Yaremchuk, the president of Irpen Biblical Seminary, I decided to enter the Pastoral Program at IBS. I had the need to systemize my accumulated (until that moment) knowledge and desire to learn to preach.

Seminary training time is like a spiritual retreat, a workout room for one’s spirit, and an academy for servants. The atmosphere, training conditions, faculty, volume of knowledge, and orientation on ministry are a delight in this great opportunity to be a student at IBS.

Many more graduates like Konstantin — and current students — are exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to train for the pastorate at IBS and other SGA-sponsored seminaries. Through your gifts and prayers, thank you for supporting the preparation of the next generation of pastors and church leaders!


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