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Children were excited to receive a small gift when the Orphans Reborn team visited their orphanage.

Drama ministry is getting through to needy children.

Sergei Kalinin
Orphans Reborn in Volgodonsk, Russia

We have been presenting drama performances from the Bible for children in the orphanages and boarding schools with the intent to teach life lessons. We have been presenting a program on forgiveness. While the orphanages close to visitors for vacations, we took the time to prepare a new program on the subject of deception, using the Bible story of Jacob.

Jacob had deceived his father and brother, and in time the same thing happened to him. We had to shorten the story and make it so the children could understand it, and it made the lesson even more effective. Sister Oksana, who works at the orphanage, told us that the children were able to retell the entire Bible story to her from memory!

After the performance, as always, we held a discussion and drew the right conclusions about deceit and the harm it brings. We taught the children that cheating harms other people and ourselves, and that it is sin before God. Our next program and lesson will move right into the story of Joseph and the trials that came his way. We want to teach the children perseverance and faith, and that you should never give up because of your problems. This is a relevant topic because many teenagers think about committing suicide because of their problems.

“Our next program and lesson will move right into the story of Joseph and the trials that came his way. We want to teach the children perseverance and faith.”

Screen Shot 2020 01 15 At 9.49.38 Am
New paint for the children’s playground at Nikolaievsk Boarding School
Screen Shot 2020 01 15 At 9.52.30 Am
Constructing the new greenhouse.

We have also been ministering to young girls who are out of the orphanage and in the transitional apartment. One day we had to take a girl to Rostov for an examination, and during her week with us, she became saved! On another day, the sisters put together a gathering for the female graduates of the children’s homes. The topic was about the dangers of abortion. The gathering was held at the church and we prepared some video equipment for them to use. All of the girls who came are familiar with our church and have been there. They know and remember us.  They enjoyed the meeting and want to have more of these meetings. 

Please pray for our outreach at the Nikolaievsk Boarding School. For now, they had not been allowing people in to teach lessons. However, this year they won a grant and were able to build a greenhouse, improve the property, and make repairs. But it turned out that they didn’t have enough money for everything, so they asked us to help with getting paint to refresh the children’s playground. We just happened to be in Rostov, so we purchased paint and brought it to them. Then we were able to make arrangements for performances after the holidays!

So, this has been our ministry. Please pray for us as we travel with our next Bible performance programs. We plan to visit between 10-12 places, including new locations. Thank you for your prayers and support!

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