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Dec 19, 2023
Editor’s Note: The images below were sent by an SGA-supported pastor in Ukraine.
Seeking The Living Word In Ukraine

Stories of hope and inspiration are coming in from Ukraine as the chaos continues. These ladies share their testimonies from the Kharkiv region. The work of faithful churches like the Living Word Church makes a big difference, but the need remains.

Nina’s Story

Greetings! I am from the Kharkiv region. I live alone and rent a one-bedroom in a small-family dormitory and am retired. The road to the Living Word Church led me somewhere in August 2022. There was a program with a form for humanitarian aid, so I registered, and later received a phone call inviting me to receive a blanket. I was added to a group and invited to a meeting. Since then, I started attending the church. On Tuesdays, we spend time studying the Word of God, meditating on Almighty God, and having a wonderful time with a cup of tea. Here I met many IDPs. The meetings are interesting, we talk about our Creator in an accessible way, read the Bible, and talk. I am grateful to SGA and the Living Word Church for the food and hygiene supplies. Thank God for all of you! I hope that our meetings will continue, because interesting stories about God and the Holy Spirit give me inspiration, they distract me from the terrible news and heal my soul! God’s abundant blessings to all of you and God’s care.

Lyudmila’s Story

Good afternoon. I came with my husband from the Dnipro region in July 2022. The enemies are there and daily bombing our beautiful city. I was brought to the Living Word Church by Nadia, another IDP lady, who attends the church. I am very grateful to her! There are interesting discussions in the church. Valery (the deacon) explains to us the essence of what is written in the Bible. And when I come to the classes I feel peaceful, as if I am under God’s protection. Thank you very much for the food aid and hygiene supplies. Your help is very necessary in this difficult time for us. God’s blessing to the Slavic Gospel Association and the church.

Nadiia’s Story

Greetings to everyone! My name is Nadia. My family came from the Kharkiv region in April 2022. I was invited to the Living Word Church back in September 2022. Our meetings were first held on Tuesdays, now on Thursdays, with discussion and study from the Bible, explanation of certain chapters, texts and verses, and a good time spent in fellowship together. Thanks to the weekly meetings, I began to understand the Word of God more, which is helped by the explanations of the ministers Valery and Vasyl. And the test format quiz on the study and understanding of the Gospel of John was very interesting, exciting and informative. There is always friendly competition. I am grateful to the sponsors and caring people from Slavic Gospel Association for the food packages. You can’t even imagine how much God cares about us here through you! Thank you very much for your help, interesting meetings to learn the Word of God, and explanations of many passages of Scripture. I hope for more meetings, and I wish all of us God’s protection and blessing. Peace, joy and good health.

Tetiana’s Story

In a difficult time for me, while we were here, I came to the church. Here I was met by friendly and kind-hearted people. I was invited to join a Bible study group
with other
IDPs like me. The classes on studying the Word of God helped me a lot. After
the experience, studying and learning the Word, I became more calm and more
confident in the future. Because the Almighty God is with me. Only here I understood the Bible and how important it is in the life of every person. I realized who Jesus Christ
is and what He did for me personally! Now I have a completely different attitude towards Christianity. I am very grateful to Slavic Gospel Association and the church for the spiritual guidance and help in the form of food. I really appreciate this support!

Valentina’s Story

I came from the Lugansk region, Lisichansk to Kropivnitsky on April 11, 2022. I live with my husband in a dormitory, we are both retirees. Before the war I did not go to church at all. In this church, I came for humanitarian aid for the first time, and then started attending classes. We study and read the Word of God, and I have been going to this church for over a year now. I feel at ease here. The people here are very nice, they are like a family. I won’t find that outside the church anywhere! Thank you to the church, where they teach us to read, to understand what is written in the Bible. Church and Bible study helped me to look at the world differently, at all that happens around us, to grow spiritually and to trust the Lord. And of course, the church helped us throughout the time with humanitarian aid. Thank you very much, ministers of the mission, for your concern for us, Ukrainians, in this protracted war, for your timely and very necessary help. Please remember that we will continue to need your support and your prayers! Thank you for everything!

Nadia’s Story

I was brought to the Living Word Church by my eldest daughter, and here I met many good sisters and brothers. Brother Valery leads classes on the study of the Word of God. The church helps with food and hygiene supplies. In the winter, when the electricity was cut off, they helped me with a warm blanket. I look forward to Thursdays with joy, because the meetings are very interesting. We are getting distracted from bad news here at the church. Thank you to the church for all the warm meetings on the knowledge of the Word of God. Thanks to Pastor Andrei and other ministers. Thank you again for your support and please pray for peace, health, and joy in the Lord. God’s Blessing to all!

Irina’s Story

I am an Internally Displaced Person (IDP) from Kharkiv. I came to know the Living Word Church back in September 2022, when I first received food aid. I was very surprised that the people who met us were so friendly and smiling. When we were invited for a meeting, I agreed without hesitation. These were hours of communication with other IDPs and church ministers. Each meeting covered different topics, but the most important thing I took away from this communication was that faith in Jesus Christ is the most important thing in our lives. I realized that God loves us, that He gave His only Son as a sacrifice for us, sinners. I realized that I needed to entrust my life to God, that I needed to pray, communicate with God and read His Word. Later, I began to notice God’s help in some aspects of my life, even in small things, and I had to notice them! And in the main, most important thing—in salvation. After all, most of the IDPs who were under fire have already been convinced of God’s grace and His presence. I would like to thank the sisters and brothers in Christ who have been caring for the IDPs. I thank you for the food, hygiene supplies, and your love. Thank you, dear people from overseas for your support. Our needs are still for food aid. Warm clothes and shoes are also very much needed before winter comes here. Please, continue to help us in the future. You are doing a great work for people, for Ukraine, for God.

In a time of great uncertainty, God is bringing help, healing, and hope to the people of Ukraine through SGA-supported pastors, churches, a seminary, and SGA-supported Compassion Ministry. Be a part of God’s incredible work with your generosity and prayer support.  

Your gift of compassion helps struggling people with emergency aid that generally includes Scripture materials, food, medicine, warm clothing, and shoes.

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