An early summer report from the Orphans Reborn team in Smolensk, Russia 

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Most of the children are not in the orphanages in summer. Some of them have returned temporarily to dysfunctional homes, while others are at special camps. But there are those children who are still in the orphanage, and they do not have many activities. We do not have Bible lessons in the summer as well. But we can come to spend some time with the children. They feel so much abandoned during summer when other children are with their families.

Orphans in the Safonovo orphanage do not have parents, and only some of them are taken by some relatives or just kind people for summer holidays. Usually they are in the camp, but this June most of them were in the orphanage. We used this opportunity to come to visit this orphanage with the whole-day program. The children there have no mental problems. They are smart, and we discuss much deeper questions with them. We noticed that the children here are very caring. Those who are older take care of those who are younger. They let small children get food first and helped them when we played games.  

We used this good quality to tell about God’s love, care and to tell about what it means to follow Him. We also talked about friendship and love after sports games during which they were to help each other to win. The program included games, sport competitions, songs, food, discussions, and fellowship.  

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Nikita on the left

We tried to find an opportunity to talk about God with some of the kids. A teenager named Nikita used to live with his grandma. He was in the police office many times because of bad behavior, and he also drank alcohol. It was his second day in the orphanage, and he was very interested in God. We told him that it is very difficult to overcome sin without God’s help. He wants to know more and hopes to come to church one day. 

We also had a talk with Sasha. He was interested in the topic of the death of Jesus Christ and the reason for it. He also had questions about evolution and science versus the Bible. Sasha said that he believes in God about 50 percent. We think that this discussion was very important for Sasha, because he is interested but has doubts.  

In late June we had a different activity and held a picnic with the teachers of one of the orphanages. The pastor of our church accompanied us, and the teachers had an opportunity to ask any questions about church and Christianity. The teachers said that they see the results of our work. Children want to be better when they understand the aim of being good. They feel loved and that is so important for them. The teachers said that they read the Bible to the children and enjoy it. The children know a lot of stories, as well as the Ten Commandments.   

We ate together, sang songs, and shared testimonies. At the end we gave all of the teachers a Bible and a book written by our pastor about his mother’s life.

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Thank you for your continued prayers and support for Orphans Rebornoutreach. God is at work this summer in young hearts, and we praise Him for drawing the children to Himself.

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