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All of the children who attend the camp have “seeds” of the Gospel planted in their hearts.

A SGA-Sponsored Children’s Ministry report from Vasily Kolesnik and Tatyana Zhurba

Melnikovo is a village of some 8,000 people located in the Tomsk region in western Siberia—a place known for bitterly cold weather in winter. Yet in the summer, sunshine and warm temperatures abound, and it’s the best time for trips, hiking, boating, and making new friends at SGA-sponsored summer camps organized by the church in Melnikovo—camps you helped make possible.

Each day began with morning exercises led by Yelena, our sports coach. Then the group leaders, Tatyana and Natasha, held Bible lessons and then crafts. Our team also consisted of cooks, watchmen, and a driver working in shifts. Nikolai coordinated everything at the camp, which we called “The Pearl.” At the end of the day, Pastor Sergei taught the children about the love of God, and the lessons were good for us to hear as well as the children. One of the parents responded afterward to express her thanks . . .

“Camp always means joy for us. Two of my children went to the camp. This is the only place where I can send my children without fear and worry, as I am sure they will be looked after carefully. They will be taught good things. They experience and witness humility, peace, and a broader outlook in the camp. The children change for the better. I am happy about it and they are happy too! My daughter began to read the children’s Bible and asked me to get her a copy of a regular Bible. My son told me in detail how Christ was crucified and how He had risen from the dead. I am sure the seeds in their hearts will not die. I would like to thank all who made the camp possible!”

At the camp, 14 children repented and many of them prayed for the first time. We plan ongoing follow-up with the children, inviting them and their parents to the church. We also add our thanks to everyone who prays for us and supports our ministry. Please pray with us for this upcoming camp season, and that God will bring forth much fruit among the children.

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