Pastor Dmitri Rastrigin
SGA-Sponsored Missionary Pastor in Kineshma, Russia

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Children’s club.

God has blessed our town and local children in a miraculous way. He sent us wonderful ministers—people of prayer—and I mean YOU! Glory be to God for your diligence, persistence, generosity, and help. You share in the Lord’s cause in Russia, and we thank God for the opportunity.

My wife Oksana and I came here from another region of Russia. Most people here treat evangelical believers negatively. We meet aggression when we try to reach people around us, and many parents forbid their children to come to our Christian “Superbook” club. Even so, God still does unbelievable things. Our children’s club has been working for two years, and it continues to develop and grow. We have had about 100 children of varying ages from unsaved families, and some are regular visitors. Usually, about 20-25 children attend our club per month. These are children who have never heard of Jesus, the forgiveness of sins, and salvation. They have never read the Bible and do not know how to pray. Our main goal is to teach them all these things and lead them to Christ!

We have had challenges. In the middle of January, I had battled COVID and had heart-related complications. I had to go into the hospital for urgent heart surgery, and they found three vessels seriously damaged. This was the first of three planned surgeries, so I am on medication and have to limit physical activity. This is one of our prayer needs. We thank you once again for your prayers and help for us. May the Lord reward you richly and abundantly!

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Trip to Moscow with the children.

Our children had a surprise in January—a trip to Moscow. The children were very happy as many had never been to Russia’s huge capital. Several had never traveled by train. Churches in Moscow helped us to make this a reality. While there, we had Bible meetings, visits to Red Square and the Aqua Park, the Moscow Experimental Center, and many other activities. Also in January, I had the opportunity to visit the village of Sobolevo to meet with Christian youth from Ivanovo, and to reach other youth with the Gospel. We were able to share the true meaning of Christmas and the Lord Jesus—the Savior of the world. The following month, we visited Sochi for a workshop on Christian children’s camps during the summer. We learned much and received certificates after completing the workshop.

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