Your Support for Summer Bible Camps Transforms Children Now—and Forever

Sergei Tarasov
Senior Pastor for the Orel Region

Yelena Nikonorkina
Co-Coordinator of “The Path” Camp in Orel, Russia

Camp workers lead the girls in a Bible study.
Camp workers lead the girls in a Bible study.

Summers are always a good time, and our last summer camp season was no exception. The Lord blessed us to hold a camp that we called “The Path.” In all, 62 children participated, with 18 being from unbelieving families and 14 were orphans or adopted into foster families. 

There were seven who repented and trusted in Christ, 20 who want to come to our Sunday school, and 10 from the older senior group who want to begin coming to church! We give glory to God for this opportunity to serve Him and to share the Gospel with children. 

Girls work together on a Bible lesson.
Girls work together on a Bible lesson.

We received many responses and thank you notes, and here are a few of them . . . 

We were together for nine days and together we glorified God! Thank you to our group leaders who exhorted us. If God wills, I will try to come to the camp again!  Elizabeth

I have been to many camps. I remember them still in a way, but this one made me feel many emotions—all positive! . . . . I strengthened my relationship with my Father God. I came to know much about Him and could glorify Him.  Mirra

Friends, thank you so much for the joy, which you gave to the children. All of us want to come back to the camp. Many even cried at home because it was over for the year!  Natasha

Besides the camps, we had six children’s outreach playgrounds that were visited by 200-250 children along with many adults. There was a trampoline and bouncy castle slide, games, relay races, and crafts. But the most important thing of all was that the children heard the Gospel through the puppet theater and the Bible lessons. Once again, we are thankful to SGA partners who prayed for us and gave funds. May the Lord bless you abundantly!

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