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Mikhail (left) and Oleg (right)

Part 1 of an Orphans Reborn ministry report from SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Mikhail V. in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia 

To know how God is moving in the hearts of orphans is a blessing and confirmation of His mighty hand! Here is a story Mikhail V. shared this spring. It’s still being written – but Mikhail is seeing God work through the prayers and generous support of believing friends like you in the life of an older orphan named Oleg. …  

Greetings friends, may peace and love abound to you! I always want my word to serve as an encouragement and inspiration for you, like if we would be travelling to the orphanages together and meeting with those children on daily basis! I always pray that you would be able to understand Orphans Reborn from inside, and I hope I am able to convey to you the most important things.  

Presently almost all the orphanages in Krasnoyarsk are open for the Word of God and for the ministry of our team. Their main tasks are to: 

  • Place children into Christian families 
    • Mentor teenagers and older orphans through personal discipleship 
    • Organize weekly meetings in every orphanage through sports or games with Bible based discussion as follow-up 
  • Have informal fellowship with children 

1905 Sga Ministry Email Article SecondaryI always go to orphanages with great desire. The children are waiting for me, and I love them. Even when administration calls me and tells that the most of the children are away for some events and I can skip a visit, I still travel there and meet sometimes with just two or three orphans  because I miss them and want to meet with them. The children change my heart and the hearts of my friends who join the work. We support and encourage each other and pray for this ministry 

One older orphan I’d like to tell you about is Oleg. Not long ago, he celebrated his 18th birthday. He waited for that like a miracle, but nothing special happened. Instead, something awful happened! Nobody congratulated him on his birthday  not a person  which saddened him a lot. I was the only one who wrote him how precious he is and that he has value in the sight of God. I understand why nobody congratulated him, because he always has been rude and disrespectful with people around him. He is not an easy person for friendship!  

Two months ago Oleg ran away from the rehabilitation center  after all of our efforts and the merciful decision of the judge, who with God’s help gave Oleg suspended sentence so he did not end up in prison. I thought that this was the end, that Oleg was not honest and deceived all. But as I found out, it was not exactly so. 

Oleg got hired to a car wash and each morning he comes to church for morning prayer and Bible study. We stay in regular contact with him over social network. He still smokes and has other sins, and does not want to change in his heart. But at the same time, I see the internal struggle in him. Without support, he loses the battle as he has no patience and does not know responsibility and discipline, faithfulness and love. 

Today we went to church for a Sunday service and stayed later for a youth service. Then, we met with brothers and sisters, and in the evening in our home we celebrated Oleg’s recent birthday. Earlier he did not have a person who would accept him just as he was. But I told him that I will not leave him, just as God will never leave me. Oleg understands everything, but some force is dragging him down into sin, into anger, into animosity. When we are together, everything goes well. But whenever Oleg is alone, he becomes weak and easily gives up and seeks for an easy path. 

He called me yesterday and just like a little child he thanked me for my single congratulation on his birthday, I think God showed him that there was a place where he was welcome, and it was great to realize that the Lord has entrusted me these children.  

Praise God who gives so many opportunities to change the lives of each one of us! He always struggles for us, although He has done everything needed on the Cross, and only His love is greater than His majesty! Those who believe in Jesus have found our happiness and meaning in Christ. We have no right to be silent about it, and may our work shout because He wants the stones to proclaim of His glory. 

Thank you for your continued support as we continue reaching out to Oleg and other orphans. God answers prayers, and I see His hand in everything I do!

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