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Pavel R.
Orphans Reborn Team in Grodno, Belarus

Greetings to you, dear friends! As we continue to perform the ministry of visiting a family-type orphanage by God’s grace, we thank Him for the opportunity to reach children who have been abandoned by their parents and are in difficult circumstances.

As I write this, we as believers commemorate one of the most important events in all of history—the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And in our fellowship with the children, a lot of time was devoted to this event. Studying the Scriptures together and reading John 14—specifically Jesus’ last words to his disciples and His promise to “not leave us orphans,” but to send us the Comforter—encouraged many of the children with hope! We pray that the Word we’re reading will touch the hearts of these kids and lead them to faith in Christ!

Pavel and the children at the cafe.
Pavel and the children at the cafe.

As is traditional, we visited a cafe with our friends—young Danik asked for it very much. They are really looking forward to it! And especially for such an occasion as it was Easter! On the way to the cafe, Danik began to ask many questions about what he had heard in our Bible lessons—why was Jesus killed, where did they put Him after His death, who were the Romans, why exactly Jesus was crucified, and many other things! We can see the impact of God’s Word in his life. 

Danik needs extra intense prayers, since his parents are planning to take him away from this home (which he doesn’t want) and our connection with him may be lost. We are concerned for his life, but the main thing is that the seed that has been sown in him will bear fruit! We are grateful for your help and prayers, and ask that you please continue to pray for these children! May God bless you! CHRIST IS RISEN!!!

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